So, I am originally from Russia. When I was born, it was the Soviet Union. Video:【Hatsune Miku】 Laika ~English Subbed~ 【Vocaloid PV】

Now, I live in Ireland. Funny how two islands on the different fringes of Eurasia have produced the two biggest "brain viruses".

Video:Hatsune Miku "Miku Miku kin ni gochuui ♪" (Caution! Miku Miku Bacteria♪) English subtitles

In fact I've seen people who are BOTH into Irish culture (music, dancing etc) and Japanese (anime, manga, Vocaloid).

Sometimes, of course, they can be mixed. With interesing results.

Video:猫村いろは・巡音ルカ Nekomura Iroha, Megurine Luka ~ Seen Carrying a Deathly Burden

This is a cover, but I like it more than the Miku+UTAU original. Luka and Iroha sound like... well, not realy like Celts - they sound like foreign people who are into Celtic culture. (I know such people in Russia, they have some very nice bands. One of them, a very good singer known as Hellawes, has married an Irish diplomat. Lots of her work on YT too:

It would be realy great if Yuu Asakawa visited Ireland sometime. She would be welcomed by fans of course. Not as many as in America but still. There would be a panel with lots of squee, and then we would invite her into a pub with a session in it, so she could listen - and if she wanted, she could sing too. With Irish folk musicians. They're easy-going here. (Then the recording would go viral on YT of course, and one would expect lots more Celtic Luka works. And yes I'm ranting. It's a blog post :) ).

So... I am long into Linux. And even longer, an Osamu Tezuka fan.


I got into Vocaloid some months ago by reading some blogs of, yes, teenage girls in Russia. I understood what is special about it after getting Alex Leavitt's comparison to open source. This works as a creative commons culture...

Then, with the copyright takedown situation, I understood it's not that simple. Things got fractured over the language barrier - and someone struck at the weak point.

Video:【Big Al】 Fr@cture 【VOCALOID Original Song】 VSQ With my experience of copyright-related investigative journalism, I could not remain out of it...

Oh, and to complete the pucture of me, I'm a Christian, currently in Anglicanism. Video:【Luka Megurine】 Messiah( HWV56) "Rejoice greatly, O daugter of Zion" 【G.F.Handel】

P.S. And suddenly we're back on topic. See, I had to embed YouTube videos, even though most works are originally NicoNicoDouga, and some don't even need translation. Wikia, a Western site, simply does not support embedding NicoNicoDouga. Embedding and translation are two major reasons for reuploading.

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