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  • Saruta

    So, I am originally from Russia. When I was born, it was the Soviet Union.

    Now, I live in Ireland. Funny how two islands on the different fringes of Eurasia have produced the two biggest "brain viruses".

    In fact I've seen people who are BOTH into Irish culture (music, dancing etc) and Japanese (anime, manga, Vocaloid).

    Sometimes, of course, they can be mixed. With interesing results.

    This is a cover, but I like it more than the Miku+UTAU original. Luka and Iroha sound like... well, not realy like Celts - they sound like foreign people who are into Celtic culture. (I know such people in Russia, they have some very nice bands. One of them, a very good singer known as Hellawes, has married an Irish diplomat. Lots of her work on YT too: http://www…

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  • Saruta (Quincy, Massachusets) vandalized twice.

    First, thinly pretending to be Japanese (the IP address is in Massachusets, and he did not even use a single Japanese character, just wwwww).

    And then pretending to be *the remover*. "We are Anonymous. We will continue to remove these Hatsune Miku videos until there are entirely gone. We will also do a mass deleting all at once of any videos with the words "Save Miku" in titles or tags. Don't fight back."

    This is unlikely to be the real remover (the tactics don't match), but he might try a copycat. So if new attacks surface, this log is going to YouTube.

    In the meantime...

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