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This page is for links to copyright information from real producers and copyright holders of Japanese Vocaloid content.


Help from someone who can read Japanese would be VERY MUCH appreciated - currently some information on this page (SCL, monaca factory, White Flame) is from unreliable translations.


Japanese database where producers can add statements for their videos:

Crypton Future Media has created sites that help producers enjoy their popularity with the overseas fandom: claims advertisement revenue from YouTube uploads for producers allows fans all over the world to recommend their favourite Vocaloid videos

Saruta 15:45, February 16, 2012 (UTC) yama has provided quotes from websites of several leading producers. Thank you, yama! He also warns us:

These are just snippets, so please go to their pages and read all the way through.
I'll check out the information about the other authors as much as I can.

Statement for Secondary Use by Producer (Test) 【ボカロ動画転載可否意思表示サイト(実験版)】

Guidelines for secondary useEdit

DaifukuP is making guideline wiki for secondary use to summarize data of Producers.Edit


Statements from producers and copyright holders 【Pさん及び著作権者の二次創作ガイドライン表明】

Please study Piapro Character License (PCL) of Crypton for further assistance regarding special copyright condition.EditEdit

Piapro Character License research  【ピアプロ キャラクター ライセンスの勉強会】

Permission of copy is made by Producer (P.) and copyright holders.

Individual conditions for the secondary use provided by ProducersEdit


Rules for content published by ELECTROCUTICA:

Seven Color Light (SCL) projectEdit

Works that are part of the project are listed here:

Terms of use: (Japanese)

According to an unofficial and uncertain fan translation:


Any usage of SCL Project's work is extremely prohibited. Anyone can use works related to SCL Project from NND, such as "Utattemita", "Ensoushitemita", as long as it is used as Background Music.

It's alright with us if works like these will be used within NND, no need for permission for using it. However, compiling it into a form of compressed media, such as CDs and selling it without permission or compensation is strictly prohibited. This also applies uploading songs in other video sharing sites without permission.


As YT is not NND this would mean YT uploads are prohibited. However this is not a reliable translation.

We are not aware of aby SCL Project video being taken down. so we have no reason to contact the project for clarification.


The page at includes usage information.

The Google Translate tells us:

== You want to use in such production "BGM" working "tried to play", "singing saw" a song Q..

Fine A.. As long as the songs that are up to the smiling video (including mix-platinum-shinin 'future), up to the site to post creative work, such as Nico Nico secondary that is OK, etc. is also unnecessary usage reports. (As long as the non-commercial purposes.)


Again, permission seems to apply to NND only.

White Flame/kuruosaPEdit

The page at lists the works and includes usage information.

The Google Translate tells us:


○ The use of music

Music published in the HP Circle We are not as long as they are basically free to use. There is no reporting obligation. Please only copyright notice. Is grateful if you would put a link. * The only non-commercial purposes.


This apparently means reupload permission is open. Which is great as the list includes the hit Senbonzakura.

Mothy (Akuno-P)Edit , thanks to yama

Mothy (悪ノP)さんのブログより一部抜粋。
「音源の使用、二次創作(同人誌等)、演劇化、コスプレ、「歌ってみた」の投稿は、同人、非営利(有償非営利も含む)での範囲 内でしたら許可なく使用いただけます。
ただし一般流通作品(EXIT TUNES等)のCD音源をそのまま使用することはお控えください。」

Some snippets from Mothy / Akuno-P's blog {C}
"You can use my music and post derivative works (doujinshi, etc), theatrical shows, cosplays, covers as long as your usage is uncommercial. You can also use them at school festivals as well." {C}
"You can use my music and post derivative works (doujinshi, etc), theatrical shows, cosplays, covers even without permissions, as long as your usage is uncommercial.However, please do not divert the sound sources included in commercialized CDs or works, such as EXIT TUNES."

Garuna (Owata-P)Edit , thanks to yama

Garuna (オワタP)さんのブログより一部抜粋。
{C}「Q. ネット上で音源を使わせていただきたいのですが。
 A. 良識の範囲内であれば問題ございません。報告は自由です。その際はクレジット及び元ネタ(動画URL)へのリンクをお願いします。

{C}Some snippets from Garuna / Owata-P 's blog "Q. Could I use your sound sources on Internet?
A. As long as your usage is within the bounds of common sense, there's no problem and reporting me or not is up to you. When you use them, please display our names and put the links to the originals. If it's not on Internet, please send an E-mail to me and report the details."

Numtack05 (Putin-P)Edit thanks to yama


Some snippets from Putin-P's blog
{C}"Q:I want to post Putin-P story with my own interpretation on my blog!
A: Of course, it's okay. You can even reprint my lyrics as much as you want.
But, please do not reprint MP3s or illustrations you took out from my videos.
Please take permissions from Shiuka about the illustrations.
Enjoy MP3s you took out just as personal use.
Q. Is it okay to translate Putin-P's songs?
A. Of course, it's okay. Thank you very much.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by E-mails or comments.
Please use Japanese or easy English. "


The guidelines for secondary use for ryo's works are posted here:

Dead Ball PEdit!/deadballp

DaifukuP is making guideline wiki for secondary use to summarize data of Producers.


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