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For someone who want help usEdit


Help us and Contact【多少でも手助けをご希望される方へ】

If you are interested in helping us, please leave the comment in this basic discussion page to contact us.Edit

Discussion in basic English 【英語初級で雑談&相談】Pさんも是非'】⇔Visit FirstEdit

If you are interested in helping us, please leave the comment in the comment box for Facebook at the bottom of top page to contact us.

You can leave the comment in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

You can also leave the comment in the comment box for Facebook at the bottom of this page.

You can send us e-mail to following address:Edit

savemiku1 (AT) [Please change "(AT)" to @ by your self] It is under construction.

(ご協力いただける方は、このページやトップページ、Discussion in basic English などのページに、メッセージをお書き下さい。

3) How everything start working. HELP request for everyone to continueEdit

3) どのように上手くいきかけているのか。継続したご協力のお願いEdit

It was found that our investigation and monitoring seems protecting from mysterious deletion even something and video deletion are still happening in July 2012. If someone delete one Vocaloid video from YouTube, we can find out usually. We also receive complainment, opinion and suggestion from someone who still want delete videos.Edit

During our investigation, many problems are found in international Vocaloid community and user.Edit

Thus, please DO NOT STOP helping. We don't have enough people to continue for longer. We are doing by minimum number (a few) of people. We need to shift volunteer people to rest near future. We have been protecting, investigating and solving problems for 7 months from January 2012.Edit

Thus, continuous investigation and help by everyone who can participate as minor volunteer is highly requested. Most of the volunteer is helping very minor part from internet. However, if one person stop, major part of our activity is stop. Crypron and Google are not solving problems actively. They are not helping followings. Thus, you may able to help following:Edit

a) promote our activity to international and Japanese Website to correct misunderstanding of our activityEdit

New Objective+Message from SAVE MIKUEdit

b) proof read and correct of English of this Website.Edit

c) contact original Producer to get information of permission guideline for the Secondary Use.Edit

d) make video, illustration or other creative works related to our new massage and WebsitesEdit

e) translate main part of this message into other language.Edit

f) do many minor thingsEdit

g) Donation and gift are welcome.. such as Vocaloid goods.Edit

We are looking for any donation for the Prize for the contest tooEdit


1ST OFFICIAL SAVE MIKU CONTEST- Save Miku's War of Graphics Contest 【作品コンテスト】


(Where to download.)
Illustration By Negi Toro san:

Twitter for SAVE MIKUEdit