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    • This is the page for collecting information related to 【 Miraclemilktea 】 case.

The name of the groupe or person who delete videos is

    • (このページは、【 Case27 Miraclemilktea 】に関する情報をまとめるページです。)
    • 【 Miraclemilktea 】

This page is under construction. (このページは現在作成中です。)

==Possibility of Simple Re-uploaded video (単純 再アップロードの可能性がある動画)==

Miraclemilktea3 has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.

We're sorry, the page you requested cannot be found. Try searching for something else.

{C}by Miraclemilktea9 {C}Latest Activity {C}Mar 27, 2012 {C}Date Joined {C}Mar 27, 2012 {C}Age {C}20 {C}Country {C}Japan




ボカロランキング と MMD-PV


歌詞のない静止画や、PVには、YouTube... {C}★NICONICO★ {C}■VOCALOID RANKING■ {C}■MikuMikuDance■ {C}第9回MMD杯予選 {C}by Miraclemilktea6 {C}Latest Activity {C}Jul 24, 2012 {C}Date Joined {C}Jan 3, 2011 {C}Country {C}Japan

{C} {C}About [HD1080p] VOCALOID+MMD+DIVA~










【YouTube 動画仕様】

HD。ニコ動からのアプコン。 {C}by Miraclemilktea2 {C}Latest Activity {C}Oct 9, 2010 {C}Date Joined {C}Oct 30, 2009 {C}Country {C}Japan

there are SOME cases where the producers do not have a youtube channel, so they actually link videos from reprint channels instead
for example, this page here:
they don't have their own channel, so they embedded a video from the youtube user "Miraclemilktea6"


初音ミク - To Dimension MMDPV 【オリジナル曲+PV】 [HD1080p] 3D
Miraclemilktea6 さんが 2012/06/16 に公開
初音ミク - To Dimension MMDPV 【オリジナル曲+PV】
NICONICO 2012年06月16日 わかむらP さん
名古屋で開催中のアニソン系クラブイベント2D M3NTiON二周年を記念し、
作詞、作曲 y0c1e / ミュージックビデオ わかむらPの豪華クリエイター陣を迎え
2D M3NTiON二周年 記念テーマソング「To Dimension」を6月中旬に無料配信いたします!

□ディレクション・編集 / わかむらP(


also, the producer HanasoumenP does not have his own channel
so he decided to post a reprint of his song from youtube to his facebook page instead:
you'll find many instances where a producer will "borrow" a youtube reprint of their own video, because they do not have their own channel, or don't want to make one

if these accounts are terminated, it will affect the producers since the videos they borrowed will no longer work
sometimes, reprint channels are useful to producers

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